Celebrity Eclipse y otros Barcos, performance version, 23 min, 2017.

In ‘Celebrity Eclipse and other cargos’ conceived in collaboration with Nibia Pastrana, David Bergé presents yet another way in which he approaches the performance of photography. In proximity of the harbor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bergé and Pastrana recited the names of the cargo ships travelling through the sea passage, such as Tropic Express, Atlantic Conveyor, Endurance, and Ocean Eagle. The sun is about to set and ships slowly recede from view. The performance makes visible images that are both ephemeral and temporary – they straddle the line between nature and modernity, tradition and progress, the rural and the urban. This line, however, is quickly wiped out again as the ships pass from sight. The performance version took place throughout Bergé's residency at Beta Local in 2017. Work in progress.